Traveller Profile


Good information is essential, particularly when it's your customers. Traveller profile ensures structured customer information allowing your agency to operate with peak efficiency.



TravCom's Traveller Profile system is the next-generation profile management system, totally web enabled and an architecture which is configurable. The system is a white label product which comes with both a travel agent and end users interface, for travellers or their respective travel booker(s). The system allows the travel agent to move away from the traditional green-screen and cryptic coded environment. The traveller's data can be transferred to a passenger name record, allowing the travel management company to keep reservation data in a consistent manner, thus reducing the process of completing the reservation.

The traditional GDS dependent legacy and hosted corporate client information and their respective travellers data does not provide the level of sophistication required by todays travel management companies. TravCom's Traveller Profile system creates a singular profile, which allows several hundred data elements for each traveller delivering the next level of personalised traveller service.

The Traveller Profile system is the most logical alternative to the traditional GDS driven technology model, allowing travel agents to break free from the limitations of current systems and into a relational based database system. Profile data can be transferred to multiple systems, not just GDS's but also to on-line booking systems, expense management systems and corporate ERP systems.

Building traveller profiles in the GDS in their traditional sense have always been fairly time consuming and in some cases labour intensive and difficult to extract the data for CRM purposes. With TravCom's Traveller Profile system the travel agency has greater control over the profile data as part of its core business and enables them to constantly update data, across a multitude of systems, collaborate with clients to manipulate data to manage corporate hierarchy, policy compliance and reporting. The system also enables an agent to push more information to travellers about schedule changes and flight information in real time.

Traveller Profile provides;

  • Security - ensure data is kept safe and secure
  • Structure - define profile structure to collect data consistently and accurately
  • Control - greater control over profile access and data management

By streamlining the management process of centralizing and structuring data the Traveller Profile system creates accuracy and in-turn a more consistent experience for your traveller.



Traveller profile is designed with business travel in mind and a product that puts you the travel agent in control of over traveller data, giving both the options, to either create the profiles in house or allow your clients to create them.

Key Benefits

  • Synchronise traveller profiles in real-time to your preferred GDS or self-booking tool
  • Standardise currently held GDS profiles by migrating them to TravCom's Traveller Profile system
  • Easily and efficiently upload HR data with data such as cost centre codes, department IDs, etc.
  • Easily transfer profile data from one GDS to another
  • Customisable web interface an Internet URL's
  • Fully supports data feeds from corporate HR and ERP systems
  • Create, Modify or delete profiles as many time as you wish, unlike other systems based on transactions
  • Integrated reporting tool allowing data exports to all standard export formats
  • Much improved efficiency and customer service capability
  • Agent desktop integration
  • Real cost savings as travellers or travel booker can create and maintain profile data
  • Maximize security and control over information with password protection which end users can and edit
  • Real time and immediate updates as product interfaces directly with the GDS or online booking tool
  • User friendly removing that confusing GDS languages

Improved, consistent experience
Travellers are guaranteed knowing their travel data, preferences, crucial passport information is accurate and used in an efficient manner and that each trip is managed with a consistent high level of service.

A powerful advantage in challenging times
TravCom's Traveller Profile system is totally web based system which can be customised to meet each customer's needs. Users are able to change profile information via the web changes are automatically updated in the GDS and online booking systems.


Product Features

Traveller Profile operates behind the scenes streamlining your day-to-day operations. We target the needs of four distinct user groups;

  • Administrators
  • Reservation agents
  • Travel bookers
  • Travel arrangers


Traveller Profile is designed with a rich set of functional options. The profile scripting allows an agency to manage a multitude of customer content, all accessible through one entry point. You have the ability to share data with up-line and down-line systems ensuring consistent data across various platforms within your organisation.

Data migration

Our data migration tool kit will effectively extract profile data, map it and load into Traveller profile on your behalf.

Reservation Agents

Improved database functionality organises traveller data for you so that you can focus on managing your customers' travel experiences.  Traveller Profiles relational database engine stores data in a logically and structured manner, such as air preferences, contact information and frequent flyer card details. Structured in several hundred key data elements, you'll be better equipped to query traveller information and improve customer service.

Graphical User Interface

Our user friendly interface makes it easy to build and update client profiles.

PNR Linkage to Profile available in your GDS
All PNRs can be linked to customer profiles. When accessing a PNR, you'll see a complete list of associated profiles.  That means that a detailed profile history for each and every traveller can be right at your fingertips, significantly optimizing your workflow and reducing time spent on each booking.

Travel booker/arranger - Self-service profile builder

You have the ability to service the corporate traveller by providing direct access to browser based application allowing them to quickly build profiles online, bypassing the arduous process of providing details to a reservation agent over the phone. They are able to build/update profiles when it suits them.

Traveller profile extends this service by providing the facility for travel bookers to assign their profiles to an individual corporate travel arrangers allowing one person to manage multiple profiles. Our interface is user friendly and provides ease of use for the travel arranger making it easy to create/update traveller profiles.

How it all works

An email is sent to new/existing clients providing a unique link where the user will be directed to a browser interface allowing them to update personal details, then the travel booker has the option at this stage to build their personal profile or authorise profile management to an allocated travel arranger.

Additional features

  • Multiple security features
  • Password policy enforcement
  • User lock-down
  • Masked credit cards
  • Communicates with the GDS in real-time
  • Customisable email reminders
  • Multi-GDS
  • User-defined dropdown lists
  • Full corporate branding
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface - no more cryptic GDS commands


Technical Details

The following technical requirements are necessary to support the Traveller Profile implementation.

Software Prerequisites

Following operating System:

      • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or later
      • Windows IIS 6 or later (web server)
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or full SQL Server 2005 or later
      • Microsoft .NET 4.0
      • VPN (Virtual Private Network)/ RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - Optional

Note: SQL Server Express Edition can be downloaded free of charge from (please consult a member of the TravCom support team for specific configuration details)

Note: Travcom database doesn't need to be on the same server however, Travcom server must be accessible by web server.


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