Fee Manager


Our fully automated solution that allows you to integrate your transaction fees with your back-office accounting system.




In the current context of airline commission cuts, establishing a service-fee driven business model is a 'must have' for travel agencies to ensure success and profitability.

Currently, most travel agencies use transaction fee based models to provide them with a source of revenue that can absorb the costs of related activities. This model enables agencies to better control their costs, thus optimising their revenue margins. However, the wide range of transaction types makes manual handling quite complex.

A study by Dr. Fried & Partner on how service fee automation impacts the corporate travel agency suggests that moving from manual calculation to an automated process can grow service fee revenue by up to 28%.

At TravCom we understand the importance for agencies to better control their costs, we have developed 'Fee Manager' a fully automated solution allowing integration between your transaction fees and TravCom CS.

What is TravCom Fee Manager (TFM)?
TravCom Fee Manager is a tool developed by TravCom to enable agents to electronically store predetermined service fee rules and then automatically apply the appropriate rules to any particular booking. The rules can be generic across the agency, or additional/separate rules tables can be created for specific corporate accounts. TFM fees save time and minimise errors in re-entering the information.

TravCom Fee Manager simply reads the record generated by the reservation system and allocates the assigned fee in TravCom's interface together with the invoice data. Pre- defined service rules within the transaction fee template(s) automatically adds the total fee amount and fee details required for back office for accounting, automated invoicing and statistics. Issuing correct transaction fees within client invoices couldn't be easier.

Complicated? No.
We provide you with the tools to create, amend and manage transaction fee templates. Our templates allow for precise and detailed transaction fees.

Fee manager not only allows for client specific customisation but also reduces your error rate to zero. By applying the fees you have set consistently across the board, managers and consultants are assured the comfort that under or over charging won't occur, and revenue streams are maintained.

The use of our professional and automated system allows the travel management company to effectively manage transaction fee services, playing a pivotal role in travel strategy.


When considering the benefits accrued by using a fee management system we must ask the following questions:
- What is the advantage of processing fees automatically as opposed to manually?
- What are the main advantages of handling different fee schemes in the same booking?

The answer

  • Drives revenue - ensures correct fees are charged
  • Saves time - allows agents at the point-of-sale to focus their attention on making sales
  • Convenient - designed to be Multi-GDS

Grow your revenues
TravCom Fee Manager helps corporate travel agencies avoid lost revenue due to miscalculation of fees, we allow you to determine and increase your revenue per sale; you can charge transaction fees in line with your business policy, all the more important in light of disappearing commissions. You also have the opportunity to increase transaction fee revenue  via the use of sophisticated fee models which can be built with our flexible rules engine.

Increase productivity
TravCom Fee Manager increases agent productivity by eliminating the 'fee application' processing of manual calculation; overall booking times are reduced. Choosing the right fee rules is easy with TravCom Fee Manager; different rules can be allocated to different customers.

Improve customer service
TravCom Fee Manager captures the transaction fee within your back-office system. There is no margin for error; your customers will never face the problem of inflated service-fee charges allowing you to provide improved customer service with up-front and transparent pricing.

Make complex fee schemes simple
A further factor driving the use of optimised service fee schemes is the shift in the travel sector towards a "product bundler" business model. By combining suitable flight, hotel, rental car and other services requires not only an intelligent bundling logic but, above all, sophisticated transaction fee management. The ability to interlink different margins or fee amounts for different products or to configure fees so that optimal earnings are achieved is an important asset of TravCom Fee Manager.

Use TFM for various types of fees
TFM allows you to customise air, hotel and car segment fee rules. Simply select the fee rules you wish to apply and nominate the amount you wish to charge your customers. You have the flexibility to apply fees on;

  • Per itinerary/ticket basis
  • Per segment basis
  • Per client' basis

Seamless front-to-back integration and automatic fee calculation
You have the option to integrate service rules which will impact the service fee from front office applications. For example TFM can read pre-defined free fields and establish whether the reservation agent has specified to exception/discount the fee for that particular booking.




Our Fee Manager GUI allows the travel agency administrator:

  • Managed Access - Ensure that all rules are secure from unauthorised changes by controlling who has access to the design GUI and who can view the rules.
  • Efficient Rule Creation - Eliminate unnecessary rework with the ability to easily copy and modify service fee rules. You can even create groups that can be used when building multiple rules.
  • Customisation - Build rules with multiple target elements to customise service fee rules to match the travelling customer's exact needs.
  • Savings - transactions can be processed at the POS with lower costs than competitor's offerings.


Step 4: Fees Manager Template builder - A close-up


Fees Manager Template builder allows you to:

  • Calculate a fixed amount or percentage of a filed fare.
  • Tell the difference between Domestic, Trans-Atlantic and International itineraries and assign fee accordingly.
  • Assign fees to various vendors e.g. air, rail, car.
  • Recognise different suppliers within vendor types, e.g. you have the ability to program different transaction fees for different airlines.
  • Charge per segment and/or per passenger.
  • Record fees for sundry activities like visa applications, foreign currency purchases and couriers charges.

Automatic process of adding transaction fees
100% automated process - our robotic application will look records in TravCom's interface and check the parameters with build criteria in the template. After adding the fee line the record is completed and ready to be submitted to the sales ledger. The robotic application checks for new records every 3 seconds, vs. a minute or more to manually calculate the various charges that might apply to any one record.


Technical Details

The following technical requirements are necessary to support the Fee Manager implementation.

Software Prerequisites

Following operating System:

      • Microsoft Windows XP operating system or later
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or full SQL Server 2005 or later
      • TravCom Client Server
      • VPN (Virtual Private Network)/ RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - Optional

Note: SQL Server Express Edition can be downloaded free of charge from www.microsoft.com (please consult a member of the TravCom support team for specific configuration details)

Note: Travcom database doesn't need to be on the same server however, Travcom server must be accessible by web server.


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