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The power of Crystal MI allows...

...strategic operational, and tactical enhancement to your business



Business intelligence is a rapidly evolving discipline. Its effectiveness depends on an organization's ability to pull together accurate information in real time that is standardized and tailored to the needs of the audience. With the immense amount of data available, one of the great challenges organizations face is how to collect, categorize, understand, and make decisions about project data.

With Crystal MI travel business managers have access to an extensive range of reports at their fingertips. They can analyse travel patterns, travel policy compliance as well as assist in vendor negotiations, business operations and budgeting.

TravCom utilises both pre-ticketing and post-ticketing data, delivering over 150 customised reports on demand or on a scheduled broadcast basis. The aim is to enable travel-related business to meet the growing needs of their customers, whilst obtaining vital information enabling management to make well informed decisions.

With Crystal MI you have instant and up-to-date access to your company's vital travel information and data available twenty-four hours, 365 days a year. You have the ability to gain strategic, operational, and tactical views of your business, Crystal MI helps agencies to win and maintain corporate accounts by providing them with relevant travel reports.



The key benefit of an on-line reporting system is to supply travel managers and decision makers the tools that enable them to make analytically based business decisions. Crystal MI on-line provides access to that strategic information. Users can access information from a variety of sources by simply logging on to one centralised website.

It answers questions such as:

  • Up to the minute, booking and ticketed data figures
  • Top earners in the business
  • Top client sales and revenue
  • Which clients generate the largest fees

Crystal MI on-line provides detailed and reliable information that facilitates decision-making. Having such data on hand helps Travel managers determine next steps to improve their company's travel spend and vendor negotiations.

Making the right decisions

The information from Crystal MI is logical, complete, organised and updated in real-time, enabling you to conduct an informed analysis.

Focus on your business:

Gathering and analysing information is a time-consuming and arduous process which often requires technical ability. Crystal MI does all that work, enabling you to focus on key business priorities.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful data mining capabilities with a configurable system of reporting, dashboard and user access
  • Browser based software used via Internet allows instant access from multiple locations
  • Capture, standardise and warehouse travel information from multiple sources for a single, consolidated view of all travel expenditures incurred worldwide
  • It can integrate with other GDS Data sources such as Travelport's GIDS system and other back office systems based on relational databases
  • Take control when a crisis occurs by seeing who is, was, or will be travelling to any destination
  • A full configurable user interface only grant direct system access to those who need the information
  • Offers a revenue-generating product for agencies as it increases their service product line. This increase allows agencies to move to a travel management role with their existing corporate customers and thus strengthen the agency's overall value

Information for a wide range of users

Crystal MI provides multiple levels of information, allowing users to drill down to the level that best suits a particular need. As a result, the reports are suitable for a wide range of users, from managers to analysts.

Operational Management

Crystal MI provides accurate information in a timely manner, enabling users to track day-to-day operations and make informed business-critical decisions.

Data security

Crystal MI data is totally secure since the access is limited to authorised users only. The system uses features such as data encryption, SSL (secure socket layers).


The functionality of Crystal MI has two user interfaces, the Administration Panel and the User Login.

The Administrator Panel provides the following functionality:
  • Administrators create new user - user registration
  • Build new report templates
  • Upload new reports
  • Assign reports to Users
  • Assign Client Profiles to users for both Internal (TMC) and External users (corporate)
  • Assign Security Levels

The assign selection formula will allow Admin users to change/edit crystal report formulas giving them the flexibility to provide versatile reports without having to create a new crystal reports template.

Example: Companies ABC and XYZ have similar reporting requirements but require subtle differences, Crystal MI gives you the ability to create these differences with ease by using the same template for each client.

User Login provides the following functionality:
  • The ability to run reports assigned by the administrator
  • Run reports for multiple client profiles
  • Export reports in a number of different formats, such as Excel, CSV, TXT, XML, Word, PDF etc.
  • Email reports in any of the above formats
  • Save reports for later use
  • Create Filters and Pivot tables after exporting data to Excel.
  • Create drill down reports in PDF format for end users


Technical Details

The following technical requiremens are necessary to suppor Crystal MI implementation.

Hardware Prerequisities

The minimum hardware requirements to install Crystal MI are:

      • Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 (or later)
      • 2GB RAM
      • 40GB of hard disk space
      • DVD-ROM drive

Software Prerequisites

Following operating System:

      • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or later
      • Windows IIS 6 or later (web server)
      • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or full SQL Server 2005 or later
      • SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports 9 or later
      • Microsoft ODBC Connectivity
      • Microsoft .NET 4.0
      • VPN (Virtual Private Network)/ RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) - Optional
      • Crystal Reports Reporting Tool

Note: SQL Server Express Edition can be downloaded free of charge from (please consult a member of the TravCom support team for specific configuration details)

Note: Travcom database doesn't need to be on the same server however, Travcom server must be accessible via the web server.


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