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So, why don’t the big airlines just take the plunge and charge for carry-ons? Given all the things people bring on board, from coolers to musical instruments to floral arrangements, carry-ons seem like a logical extension of the fee bonanza that reaped the world’s airlines $27 billion in revenue last year

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You gotta love the 40 good folks who gave up a beautiful Sunday in San Diego to talk travel data.  Scott Gillespie delivered a 6-hour workshop for GBTA on this topic, and he is proud to report that not one person fell asleep

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Employees are increasingly ditching company issued computers and equipment and using their own devices to get work done, why? Their company's technology is, well, dreadful.

They are primarily doing this because they have better technology at home, their devices are better than what they would be given at work," said Jennifer Bélissent, a principal analyst at Forrester who advises CIO's and vendor strategists.

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