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Thursday, 24 October 2013 10:48

Evolvi 4.2

Later this year Evolvi will release the new 4.2 schema.
The new schema will see the refund process become automated within the tool. At the same time, it will be possible to undertake automated ticket exchanges through the system.

According to Evolvi, only agency users will have access to the refund functionality. However, TMCs will be able to roll out the exchange functionality to self-book clients if they wish to, as long as they are operating on IE8 or above (or equivalent in Firefox).

For those TMCs who take Evolvi hand-offs, the refund part of the new functionality will be available to everyone who is on version 3.9 and above of the schema. However, to be able to use the exchange part of the functionality, TMCs will need to get their back-office providers to upgrade their systems to accept the new 4.2 version of the schema.

TravCom will be working hard to bring this new functionality to you. As soon as we have beta tested Evolvi 4.2 we will let you know. Watch this space!