Founded in 1976,

37 years later our reach extends across,

45 countries, we are trusted by,

1400 customers with over

10,000 users.

Our History

Founded in 1976 by Jack Revel, TravCom Inc. was one of the first companies together with IBM to develop an interface for the SABRE IUR (Semi Automated Business Research Environment). Our products, solutions and services are deployed throughout the world and we have been very successful in providing solutions to both large scale and small to medium size enterprise businesses, notably Travel Management Companies.

TravCom currently serves over 1,400 customers throughout the world with 3 support centers, based in the United States, Canada and the UK. The company has a highly experienced team who has extensive travel and technology experience, committed to enhancing the capabilities of existing systems and delivering an effective and seamless support infrastructure.
The company is proud of its track record which shows we have worked with some of the most successful companies globally and have developed an enviable client base.

Every business hopes to use technology to increase revenues and margins, to gain a competitive edge, to be more efficient. Technology alone is simply a tool: the intelligence that guides its implementation determines how fully its promise can be realized.

At TravCom's our vision exists to ensure that our clients realise the full potential of our solutions. We endeavour to realise our vision by being dynamic, innovative and progressive.

And most importantly, we also have the expertise to make our vision a reality.