Case Studies

"Prior to using TravCom Visual CUT, we printed all our invoices and reports, this process took hours if not days. TravCom Visual CUT, with its intuitive user interface, provides a quick, easy, and powerful service, plus the support is amazing; TravCom certainly has the technical expertise. If only all software companies were so responsive to suggestions".


John Owen
Managing Director



To enhance and expand internal process to improve efficiency and generate cost savings.

Support objectives using core TravCom applications. One of which was Visual CUT


Solution highlights

  • Automation application that consolidated 15 manual steps
  • Enabled company to leverage critical technology platform and resources without having to maintain technology resources in-house
  • Visual CUT can hold one or more reports to be delivered to together to recipients. Meaning that clients will not have their email inboxes bombarded with multiple email messages.
  • Minimize and eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes
  • Improve workforce productivity by automating collection of information, and enabling remote diagnostics

"I would like to thank the team at TravCom who have responded to our on-line reporting needs very professionally and Client reporting in general. They have the technical expertise to deliver and the business acumen to understand the technological needs of Travel Management Companies".

Mark Steed



Increase reporting flexibility to   provide access to key performance measures across the enterprise.

To offer new client services in the form of online statements, invoices and reports.


Solution highlights

  • Enhanced efficiency, flexibility and employee work options through remote access, browser based software used via Internet allows instant access from multiple locations.
  • Rapid, real-time data
  • Allows new technology to improve customer service, while supporting rapidly increasing volume
  • up-to-the-minute availability of business data, gives management the tools it needs to make sound decisions and plan effectively
  • Providing their clients with greater access to travel data to assist in vendor negotiations, travel policy compliance, and travel budgeting.

"We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent work TravCom has done for us, especially in delivering customised reports. Not only do they understand the needs of our clients but are able to deliver reports quickly for our Management Reporting System".

Gordon Winrow



To reduce costs and increase the systems adaptability to evolving business conditions by transforming and modernisation of their reporting abilities.


Solution highlights

  • Present critical information to key stakeholders in a compelling way.
  • Qualitative management information linked back to your strategic information needs.
  • More intelligent decision making by fostering an evidence-based culture of turning information into actionable knowledge and real decisions.
  • providing flexible ad hoc reporting when needed.
  • Customised individual client solution